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New 6036 Sawmill

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New 6036 Sawmill

Introducing Range-Road’s new 60 series sawmill!

The new RR6036AW has a cutting width of a massive 36″! Our 60 series 36″ sawmill unit features added head support including rear cross support & nylon slide inserts for the posts, which eliminates the need for the locking T handles our 50 series required. We have added improvements to make the 60 series the best sawmill choice yet. Including adjustable blade guide, height & angle adjustable push bar handle, new wider bunks, heavier track & a larger all around cut! The 36″ allows for cuts 8″ above blade & has the capability to saw 36″ wide slabs. The latch design for the door panels has been updated. Last but not least, with the size of this beast we have included an electric powerhead kit a standard feature!

The Range Road RR6036AW portable sawmill is versatile which makes it a great tool for any lumber project. It has the capability of sawing logs up to 36” wide and a cut length of 122”. 

It is equipped with a 22Hp Predator engine and has a blade speed of 3150 fpm.

You can add as many 2.05m extension kits as you need for your job or you can mount it on one of our trailers for easy portability.

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