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$795.00 - $1026.00

5055 RangeRoad Sawmill Accessories

The Range Road RR5055 Blade Sharpener is used for sharpening band saw blades, it can also be used for the grinding of double metal band saw blades, and it can grind both the tooth throat and the rear.

Technical Data
1.    Saw blade width size 6 - 75mm
2.Grinding teeth range 2 - 30mm
3.Tooth grinding feed rate 0 - 63 teeth/min
4.Grinding head motor 250W 110V
5.Feed motor 15W 110V
6.Grinding wheel size 150 x 32×10mm
7.Grinding wheel speed 2800RPM

A standard blade should be able to be sharpened 5-6 times.

RR5100 Replacement Stone $20 + Tax

Package Dimension 26" x 29" x 18"

39kg (86lbs.)

Sharpener with ADD ON CBN Sharpener Blade $1026.00

A CBN wheel is made from cubic boron nitride. This material is one of the hardest materials available. The main feature of the material is that it features a high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity that maintains its sharp cutting edges. $231.75

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