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The Farm RRF930 rotary hay rake is triple functioning making it an efficient farm implement for small hay fields or homesteads. Use for tedding or raking with the ability to reverse either function. The self-entering wheels allow for sharp maneuvering turns & ease of backing up. Tedding function flips and spreads green material & windrows to improve drying. Tine positioning is fixed which ensures aggressive operation. Operating PTO speed and tine pitch/angle can vary to accommodate crops and conditions. Raking function collects dried cuttings into windrows ready for RR900 Baler operations.

Features & Specifications:

• 18- Tractor Required
• Variable PTO speed (max 540 RPM)
• Raking Width 250cm (98")
• Tedding Width 160cm (63")
• Working Speed 4-8 km/hr
• Self-centering wheels
• 3 Height Positions
• Vertical Tines
• Parking Legs

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