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RRF810 -812 - 48" or 60" Box Scraper

$969.75 - $1065.65

RRF810 -812 - 48" or 60" Box Scraper

The Range Road 3 point hitch box scraper is used specifically for levelling soil, ripping up dirt, backfill and more. The attachment function is to spread material such as soil or gravel making grading and levelling a simple chore. This unit is versatile and is designed to work with tractor & skid steers. The box contains the dirt/gravel to easily fill in and smooth out ruts and holes.

  • 3 Point Hitch

  • 4 Adjustable Scarifiers for 48"  or 5 Adjustable Scarifiers for 60"

  • Box Width 48" (4ft) or 60"

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